Etkinlik Detayı

21. Uluslararası Dentomaksillofasiyal Radyoloji Birliği Kongresi

 Etkinlik Adresi: Tayvan Koahsiung
 Etkinlik Tarihi: 26.04.2017 10:00
 Etkinlik Bitişi: 29.4.2017 13:00

26-29 Nisan 2017 tarihlerinde Tayvan'ın Koahsiung kentinte düzenlenen 21. Uluslararası Dentomaksillofasiyal Radyoloji Birliği Kongresi'ne sözlü sunumlarımızla katıldık.


Prof. Dr. Kıvanç Kamburoğlu

Keynote Speaker

Applications of terahertz Imaging in dentistry (A new imaging technique in dentistry?)

Prof. Dr. Ayşe Gülşahı

Evaluation of maxillary trabecular structures by using microcomputed tomography and cone beam computed tomography

Prof. Dr. Kaan Orhan

Evaluation of MR perfusion imaging for differentiation of ameloblastoma and keratocystic odontogenic tumour

Morphometrical evaluation of temporal anatomy using cone beam CT imaging oral TMJ series

Prof. Dr. Şebnem Ercalık Yalçınkaya

The effects of temporomandibular disorders on oral health-related quality of life

 Dr. Hatice Boyacıoğlu Doğru

Assement of the frontal sinuses using CBCT for gender identification among samples of Dutch and Turkish individuals

 Dr. Cansu Görürgöz

Influence of FOV and voxel sizes for evaluation of Mallear ligaments using CBCT

 Dr. Özlem Akkemik Kıpcak

Evaluation of important anatomical landmarks in mid-facial region on mediom field CBCT scans

Dr. Cemre Koç  

A comparison of the accuracy of conventional radiography with CBCT in detecting simulated endodontic complications

Dr. Kaan Orhan (Büyük)

Course of the mandibular canal: retrospective study

Dr. Gül Sönmez

Effect of various CBCT settings in detection of recurrent caries under restorations in primary teeth  

Dr. Funda Yilmaz

Evaluation of the efficacy of three different retreatment techniques in maxillary molar teeth using micro-computed tomography